Selasa, 28 Desember 2010

Grinds like nothing before!!

bike review OXO Good Grips Pepper Mill

OXO Good Grips Pepper Mill

I grind pepper corns into or onto my food with this pepper mill while cooking and preparing meals to give the food a bit of pepper flavor and a bit of a kick so the food does not taste so bland. The loading chute which opens on the side of the pepper mill seemd to be kind of small for me to get enough pepper corns loaded at first, but the loading process went well once I gave it a try. I like the cover that fits snugly onto the bottom of the pepper mill--it seems to help keep the pepper isolated from the outside world until I remove the cover at grinding time. I hold the pepper mill in one hand, and I find that instead of grasping the knob on the crank handle to rotate the handle to operate the mill, I tend to wrap my hand around the whole handle to get more torque into the grinding process. I hope to produce freshly ground pepper for seasoning my food for a long time with this pepper mill.

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