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statement ring review Very Best Stan Rogers

Very Best Stan Rogers

From my perspective, the only way to get the best of Stan Rogers is to start with his first album and keep buying until you own them all. There are many gems that you won't hear on this single CD.

But if you're not that familiar with Stan's music and want to get an idea of what you've missed, this CD has a great selection. If I were to put together a list of my favorite Stan Rogers songs, it would look very similar to the track listing for this CD. You can't go wrong here.

And after you've fallen in love with the songs on this CD and want to know where to go next, start with his live stuff: "Between the Breaks" and "Home in Halifax". Both give you a feel for how much fun he was in person.

I was fortunate to have seen Stan in concert in a small venue three times before his untimely death. Since then, his brother, friend, and band mate Garnet has entered into a solo career. After you've listened to all of Stan's music and want something more, pick up some of Garnet's CD's - especially the early ones.

These are two of my favorite songwriters, singers, musicians - ever.

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  1. Bertha Schneider12 November 2010 14.32

    I'm talking about the episode where Stan and Roger are bachelors and they sneak into a jacuzzi. They are drunk and roger has this alien thing where he can know everything about you with some sort of "procedure". It's indicated that they have sex but I am just wondering about other people's take on it.

  2. Rosalind Horton15 November 2011 04.32

    Well, I only remember a glimpse of the episode. I think Francine's boobs got bigger in it. That's all I can remember. Also they were in some alien place, maybe Roger's home or something ._. So, anyone recall it?

  3. I wonder what song is playing when stan and roger are high when they are in the gas station. its catchy.

  4. I was reading a dragon answer and he brought it my mind so is that possible but still create a legacy for your self.I know it has been done many times before(ric flair using buddy rogers gimmick).But could it work today.Using Dusty Rhodes as a Inspiration.

  5. And also Roger draws a painting of Hayley and she gets upset about it?

  6. If ye love Stan Rogers-then give me two songs by him you like, the reason why you like them, and a song you would love to hear covered.... cheers...

  7. My friend told me it was by Stan Rogers when we heard it on the radio but I am unsure. It is a slower song and the ending tells of a older woman who lays dying but tells a younger boy she has put away half her money for him to be free. I am also pretty sure it says "across the sea" somewhere in the chorus but maybe not. Sorry I cannot provide better details but any ideas?

  8. Ok, so I saw an episode of American Dad which was interesting that I didn't get to watch.It was where Stan and roger were acting in a play dressed as Mexicans, and the got arrested for having sex on stage infron of the public.What episode and what season?