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LOVE this book!

vacuum cleaner Accidents Make Heart Fonder ebook

Accidents Make Heart Fonder ebook

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The best book I've ever read!, September 26, 2003

A Kid's Review

Once I started reading "Daughter of the Loom", I couldn't put it down. I thought Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller were great, mixing romance and history into the book. I was never one for religion but after reading this book it all made more sense. The book had a great plot making it a real page turner. Lily Armbruster was a great character with strong beliefs and I liked that. I couldn't help going on the internet to see if Peterson and Miller had written any other books together. Once I found out it was part of a series I was thrilled and had to read the second, I'm still waiting for the 3rd one to come out. I hope Peterson and Miller write together again, I'd definatly read their books. The book was outstanding and exiting and in a way educating. I will look forward to reading more books by both authors.

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  1. Well written, well rounded book. Had my laughing uncontrollably many times, but also had many moments that made you fall in love with the characters.

  2. Ryan Christian26 Oktober 2011 10.32

    Such a good book...I was actually laughing out loud at some of the ridiculous situations the two of them get into. I don't normally right reviews but this one really made me laugh while still pulling at my heart strings with a good love story as well!Accidents Make the Heart Grow Fonder

  3. Okay, I've read a lot of books and seen a lot of movies where there's a love/hate relationship, and a lot of geek vs. cool stories as well. Nothing like this. These two were destined to either kill each other or love each other to death in the most hilarious way.

    Tara did a fantastic job of developing a crazy, kamikaze relationship between two people with all sorts of loveable "issues". You can't help but like both of them as they try so hard not to get involved--and in the process fall deeply for each other.

    It's a touching story with a lot of great family dynamics added in and gets a bit steamy too.

  4. I loved this book! This was a funny, hilarious book. Especially as a klutzy person myself. An inventive first meeting between these two, make the book a laugh from the first chapter to the last.

  5. Quite possibly the best book I've read lately! I absolutely loved this book. I laughed so hard my kids thought I was losing it. I cried and then laughed some more. I can't wait to read more from this author! If you don't buy this book you're nuts!!! Tara Mills you rock!

  6. Tara Mills is an author to read, very well done, loved the book.Will be watching for more great books Great writing

  7. If you're a chick lit fan, you will love this one! The author does a wonderful job of weaving the perfect tale of humor, mischief and mayhem! The characters are loveable and well developed as is the supporting cast. One of the best things about this book were the laugh out loud moments, which were too numerous to count! I also loved the fact that this book was not just a partial short story.