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Love to bake

car stereo review Arrowhead Mills Organic Buckwheat Flour

Arrowhead Mills Organic Buckwheat Flour

My kids have multiple food allergies, so I've been experimenting with different flours. Most everything labeled gluten free has corn (either cornstarch, corn meal or xanthan gum from corn). Millet flour has a nice taste but gritty texture. Muffins made with it are like bricks once they cool. Rice flour is so gritty I use it to replace cornmeal on my fried okra. So I've been on a search for a better baking flour. I've been pleased with the buckwheat. It does have more flavor to it than something like millet. When I used 100% buckwheat for Christmas spritz cookies (like shortbread), the kids said the cookies were a little funky, but they still ate them. Then I tried half millet flour and half buckwheat. Total success. The buckwheat gives a texture more like wheat, and the millet keeps the flavor pretty neutral.

If you need a gluten free, corn free flour, this is what you want to try. Tips: use guar gum (Barry farm, on Amazon) instead of xantham if you can't have corn. I use 1/2 tsp for a batch of muffins/cake, a little more for cookies so they don't break too easily.

The arrowhead mills buckwheat flour does have a dark color. I got weird looks when I served up a gray coffee cake with buckwheat and no millet. Taste was great. Color was pretty scary. My buckwheat hot cereal (use to make grits) is a nice yellow, so maybe there is some husk or something in the whole grain flour that gives the color. If you make everything chocolate flavor it solves the problem. Good excuse to add cocoa (which also has a nice texture when baking gluten free, and tastes better than potato starch).

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  1. That you may have actually tried and it turned out to taste like pumpkin pie?