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Beautiful scarf

Sunglasses Review Scarfands Leopard Infinity Scarf Camel

Scarfands Leopard Infinity Scarf Camel

I have the most unmanageable curly hair. Its very frizzy and frazzled looking. After this treatment, I iron out my hair, and I am NOT afraid of humidity!! It did not straighten out my hair, but it gave it some weight and healthy shine that I desparately needed. I'd say it left my hair at a wave, where I dont have to straighten it out every day. I can confidently just wash and go.

I've gotten brazilian keratin treatment before in a salon before I got this product. It was mainly to see how hard the steps were to do at home. I paid $250 at the salon, which is still a good deal (Some places charge up to $500). I felt like the steps were easy enough for me replicate.

Now that I've used QOD for 3 months, I can tell you how happy I am with it!! This bottle is much superior quality than the one I got at the salon. Treatment seems to last longer than the other brand. It has a very nice smell to it-- But you still need to use it in a well ventilated room, as some fumes might hurt your eyes. This is a very big bottle, and I barely made a dent in it with the first treatment I did. It will last you forever, however, there is an expiration date, so use it on your best friend and your sister, before the year is up!

Some advise I could give, use gloves!!! I was too lazy to go get one. Product left my skin feeling a bit weird. It finally felt normal after I exfoliated my hands.

Also, as other reviews have said, it is helpful not to drench the hair with the product. Over-saturating will make it hard to dry, and use the iron on. I did use 450� iron, and it worked great. I didnt need to leave the product in my hair for too long. I straightened my hair, and slept on it over night, and washed it out the next morning.

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  1. Sharon Mckinney22 November 2011 06.32

    I originally bought this as a gift but fell in love with it when it arrived. it looks fabulous on!

  2. Freddie Camacho23 Oktober 2012 05.32

    I bought this scarf as a Christmas present to myself and I absolutely love it! When I first got the package it seemed a little thin, but the lightweight material expands and makes for a thick scarf. I am quite picky when it comes to scarves, as I like them to be full and cover much of my chest. I really liked this scarf and would buy another one like it in a heartbeat.

  3. I haven't found a good looking cheetah scarf anywhere! I saw this and had to get it! It arrived very fast! It doesn't look cheap and it's soooo cute, the picture is exactly what you will get and you will be pleased

  4. Georgina Leonard21 November 2012 09.32

    I bought this scarf a few days ago when I was online shopping for christmas and I absolutely love it! I just got it in yesterday and I wear it allll the time!

  5. Theodore Simpson25 November 2012 03.32

    I love everything about this scarf! The leaperd print is exactly what I was looking for and the quality is up to par. I bought two colors and still wish I had bought more! I wear with everything.

  6. My absolute favorite accessory! All of my friends are shocked when they find out it's not a high-end designer scarf. The seam where it's sewn together seems to be coming loose after a couple weeks, but that's just a quick repair and not surprising considering the cost.

  7. Looks exactly like the picture. Smelled a bit funky, but nothing a washing machine couldn't handle. Loved it so much I'm purchasing one for a friend!

  8. Bought two of these - one in the camel and one in the brown because I couldn't decide on the color. I choose to keep the richer, darker brown. Gave my sister the lighter camel. We've both received tons of compliments!! Quality and colors are great!

  9. Brandon Serrano26 Oktober 2013 07.32

    This is a beautiful scarf. Perfect material and length. I never expected such a great product for this price. I totally recommend it.