Jumat, 02 Desember 2011

Smells great, works great

wedding dress Tresemme Keratin Smooth Infusing Shampoo

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Infusing Shampoo

While I am not a scientific expert on shampoos, I am something of an amateur expert. I can honestly say without exaggeration that I have used a few hundred different shampoos in my lifetime. In my teens and early twenties, before marriage, I would shampoo at least twice a day: once before school or work, and again before a date or evening event. On the advice of my hairdresser, I never used the same shampoo twice in a row. People who saw my bathroom said it was better stocked than a drugstore!

Now I shampoo only once a day, and I found that I love TRESemme shampoo. I can use it two or three times in a row, and I find that I keep going back to it. It makes my hair silky, shiny, and smooth every time I use it. No more shampooing twice a day! I will definitely buy this product again.

Try it. I would not mislead you. And the icing on the cake is that it is made in the USA, a definite plus!

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  1. I dont want to pay a lot for it, but it's really bugging me that i cant dry my hair with a hairdryer because it gets WAY to frizzy. It's frizzy even when I airdry it and i dont know what to do! I have Herbal Essences Hydrating shampoo and dove intensive repair conditioner and it doesnt seem to be doing any good. What some good shampoo and conditioner as well as some good serum that will make my hair feel silky and sleek with no frizz? (I have tried Garnier Fructise before and it doesn't work. I was going to try Moroccan Oil treatment, but I heard it wasn't very good for the price you pay)