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statement ring review VOCALOID CV03 Megurine cosplay Dress

VOCALOID CV03 Megurine cosplay Dress

I have the most unmanageable curly hair. Its very frizzy and frazzled looking. After this treatment, I iron out my hair, and I am NOT afraid of humidity!! It did not straighten out my hair, but it gave it some weight and healthy shine that I desparately needed. I'd say it left my hair at a wave, where I dont have to straighten it out every day. I can confidently just wash and go.

I've gotten brazilian keratin treatment before in a salon before I got this product. It was mainly to see how hard the steps were to do at home. I paid $250 at the salon, which is still a good deal (Some places charge up to $500). I felt like the steps were easy enough for me replicate.

Now that I've used QOD for 3 months, I can tell you how happy I am with it!! This bottle is much superior quality than the one I got at the salon. Treatment seems to last longer than the other brand. It has a very nice smell to it-- But you still need to use it in a well ventilated room, as some fumes might hurt your eyes. This is a very big bottle, and I barely made a dent in it with the first treatment I did. It will last you forever, however, there is an expiration date, so use it on your best friend and your sister, before the year is up!

Some advise I could give, use gloves!!! I was too lazy to go get one. Product left my skin feeling a bit weird. It finally felt normal after I exfoliated my hands.

Also, as other reviews have said, it is helpful not to drench the hair with the product. Over-saturating will make it hard to dry, and use the iron on. I did use 450� iron, and it worked great. I didnt need to leave the product in my hair for too long. I straightened my hair, and slept on it over night, and washed it out the next morning.

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