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comfy slippers

buy canon powershot FitFlop Lounge Deluxe Slipper Chestnut

FitFlop Lounge Deluxe Slipper Chestnut

I have the most unmanageable curly hair. Its very frizzy and frazzled looking. After this treatment, I iron out my hair, and I am NOT afraid of humidity!! It did not straighten out my hair, but it gave it some weight and healthy shine that I desparately needed. I'd say it left my hair at a wave, where I dont have to straighten it out every day. I can confidently just wash and go.

I've gotten brazilian keratin treatment before in a salon before I got this product. It was mainly to see how hard the steps were to do at home. I paid $250 at the salon, which is still a good deal (Some places charge up to $500). I felt like the steps were easy enough for me replicate.

Now that I've used QOD for 3 months, I can tell you how happy I am with it!! This bottle is much superior quality than the one I got at the salon. Treatment seems to last longer than the other brand. It has a very nice smell to it-- But you still need to use it in a well ventilated room, as some fumes might hurt your eyes. This is a very big bottle, and I barely made a dent in it with the first treatment I did. It will last you forever, however, there is an expiration date, so use it on your best friend and your sister, before the year is up!

Some advise I could give, use gloves!!! I was too lazy to go get one. Product left my skin feeling a bit weird. It finally felt normal after I exfoliated my hands.

Also, as other reviews have said, it is helpful not to drench the hair with the product. Over-saturating will make it hard to dry, and use the iron on. I did use 450� iron, and it worked great. I didnt need to leave the product in my hair for too long. I straightened my hair, and slept on it over night, and washed it out the next morning.

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  1. I have plantar faciatis and was looking for a slipper that would alleviate that pain at home. This slipper is a god-send! Pain relief and a great looking slipper as well! Will definitely buy again!

  2. I LIVE in these shoes. I wear them around the house but I don't hesitate to go outside with them as the sole is so durable. These are beyond comfortable. I'm a working mom who is on her feet all day and my feet don't hurt after wearing FitFlops. I want to buy every design they have!

  3. Jenifer Daniel20 Oktober 2011 10.32

    I just bought these for my Mum for christmas as she suffers from plantar faciatis and was having trouble even walking
    She has expensive orthotics that she wears everyday and hates them but suffers through just to try and get relief
    She has never worn any type of slipper before and I wanted her to not be going flat footed around the house so I thought that this might be a good thing to try based on the reviews...also a friend of my is an orthopedic surgeon and said they may be something to consider trying to help her
    She is thrilled
    She is having alot less pain and even had been getting on her treadmill at home since her feet aren't constantly in agony
    I will be ordering more pairs of these
    awesome...thanks fitflop

  4. Loraine Suarez21 Oktober 2011 03.32

    Gave away a brand new pair of slippers I just bought after these arrived. They were "too soft" and had no support. Fit Flops always have excellent arch support.

    I put these "slippers" on immediately after getting home from work, now that cooler weather is here. It's almost a misnomer being called a "slipper" as they definitely can be worn outside. Will probably buy another pair in black.

    Usually wear a 9-1/2, but the 9 fits just fine as it has a wide toe box.

  5. I had these on my list for a long time and to my delight, they went on sale. I put them on the minute they came in the mail. The furry lining is just right, not overpowering so they'd be hot, but comfy and cozy. They're sturdy enough to wear outside and they appear to be made as well as my Fit Flop boots which I wore all winter. The suede is nice, not the "stringy" kind that shows wear so quickly. I looked closely and the stitching is great and there are no loose threads anywhere. Amazon delivered four days ahead of the anticipated delivery date. Perfect slippers, free and speedy shipping and absolute satisfaction with my purchase! No one could ask for more!

  6. I bought these for my mother. She had major back surgery in March and sustained permanent nerve damage in her right leg and foot. She has lost muscle mass as well. She just received them while I was on the phone with her. She opened the box, put them on and was in love immediately. It is the first shoe that has felt really good on her feet since her surgery. She said the color was absolutely beautiful. So I am off to order a pair for me. Once again FitFlop has saved the day.

  7. This is my second pair of FitFlops. The first pair I bought I have worn them so until they are just plain scuzzy looking and showing signs of wear so I bought a new pair to wear when guest are around or for vacation. These work for me because they have very good support, seem to be true to size and maintain their shape well. If you are looking for a warm fuzzy inside sole this may not be for you because the inside sole just feels like a regular shoe on your feet but gives excellent support when standing in the kitchen for long periods of time. Also note that these are suede and will holdup better if treated with a protectant before initial wearing.

  8. I really like these. I have a hard time walking around barefoot on my hardwood floors, so got these for inside. I love the support I get from the Fit Flop foot bed. I've had lots of the sandals and love them. I usually wear an 11 in closed-toed shoes, but wear a 9 in Fit Flop sandals. (In other sandals I usually wore a 10) I debated about what size to order, but every review i read said that they run big, so I ordered the 10 in these and a pair of boots and they seem to fit right. I haven't worn them around much yet, though., but in my test walks around the house I seem to have enough room in the toe box.

  9. I discovered Fitflop sandals and fell in love with them. I have plantar fasciitis and after a day on my feet my heel hurts, even with my orthotics. I'd put on my fitflop sandals and my feet would feel so much better. Now that the weather has gotten colder I needed something that gave me the same relief but would keep my toes warm in my chilly house. This slipper does just that. Fitflops are great!