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printed pencil skirt review Brazilian Keratin treatment Kerapremium Original

Brazilian Keratin treatment Kerapremium Original

I have the most unmanageable curly hair. Its very frizzy and frazzled looking. After this treatment, I iron out my hair, and I am NOT afraid of humidity!! It did not straighten out my hair, but it gave it some weight and healthy shine that I desparately needed. I'd say it left my hair at a wave, where I dont have to straighten it out every day. I can confidently just wash and go.

I've gotten brazilian keratin treatment before in a salon before I got this product. It was mainly to see how hard the steps were to do at home. I paid $250 at the salon, which is still a good deal (Some places charge up to $500). I felt like the steps were easy enough for me replicate.

Now that I've used QOD for 3 months, I can tell you how happy I am with it!! This bottle is much superior quality than the one I got at the salon. Treatment seems to last longer than the other brand. It has a very nice smell to it-- But you still need to use it in a well ventilated room, as some fumes might hurt your eyes. This is a very big bottle, and I barely made a dent in it with the first treatment I did. It will last you forever, however, there is an expiration date, so use it on your best friend and your sister, before the year is up!

Some advise I could give, use gloves!!! I was too lazy to go get one. Product left my skin feeling a bit weird. It finally felt normal after I exfoliated my hands.

Also, as other reviews have said, it is helpful not to drench the hair with the product. Over-saturating will make it hard to dry, and use the iron on. I did use 450� iron, and it worked great. I didnt need to leave the product in my hair for too long. I straightened my hair, and slept on it over night, and washed it out the next morning.

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  1. Antonia Hendricks22 Oktober 2010 03.32

    I have used Brazilian Keratin QOD MAX hair reconstructor once so far and am thrilled with the result. I have naturally puffy, wavy hair and this has de-puffed my hair and given it some weight so it's now got the structure I want. I used to use a hair straightener every day not so much to totally straighten my hair, but to de-puff it. That resulted in depuffy but dry and frazzled hair. I'm much happier with the texture and behavior of my hair with this QOD reconstructor.

    I researched this product on the QOD website and followed instructions not to wash hair for three days after using. The instructions on the bottle do not mention this. I also followed the QOD website instructions NOT to put it in a ponytail or crimp/constrict it anyway during the three days. My hair felt gunky during those three days but it didn't look bad. In fact my 18-year-old looks-obsessed daughter, who didn't know I had used this product, actually told me my hair looked really good on day three. That is becaused it wasn't it's usual puffy self.

    My advice would be pay attention to all the other reviews that say do not over-apply. Remember you are blow drying this stuff into your hair, then hot ironing it in, so if you put a tremendous amount in, it's staying there for three days. I used a hair dye application brush as instructed, but I found this method difficult for long hair - I kept glopping the product on at the roots then trying to brush it through to the ends. More product ended up at the roots than at the ends. I think I'll use plastic gloves and my fingers next time, or a semi-wide tooth comb.

    Some reviewers mentioned heavy fumes. I detected cocoa scent, not overwhelming. I turned on the exhause fan and cracked open a window while applying. No problem for me.

    I am hooked. At $189 a bottle I thought a while before buying this product, but there are many, many applications in this bottle and the website says it should last three months or so, so for this change in my hair texture, I'll definitely keep using this wonderful product.

  2. I read about this product in a magazine since i have long curly/frizzy hair-and wanted to try it- after seeing pictures with great results. My hairstlyist Used this on me and it smells like a chocolate martini. after flat ironing my hair- it is what i call ASIAN STRAIGHT right out of the shower.
    My hair dries in 1/4 of the time too- because the hair follicles are full of this keratin product- my hair cannot curl or frizz. Its been about a month and its still working beautifully. I used to have to spend an hour straightening my hair- and now i spend 3 min max- going over a few strands that have a bump in them fom a ponytail holder. My hair still still smells faintly of chocolate too.

    Im never going to stop using this i swear. I went out in the rain yesterday without an umbrella- and i still looked flawless when i got to work. BEAT THAT!

  3. Let me say I was very skeptical about this product. I have extremely thick/coarse dark brown (I'm' part Italian) mid back length (also a bit wavy) hair that is bleached platinum blond, I have a some damage from the bleaching as well. My first concern was whether this product was authentic or not. I found that this company (Keratin4u) is legit. They are listed as a distributor on the QOD Brazil website. My second concern was how well the product would work, and if it was really worth the $200.00 price tag. Let me tell you I just washed my hair after having the treatment sit on my hair for 3 days and it is amazing to say the least! To start from the beginning I would recommend doing plenty of research on how to apply the product properly before you even consider doing this on your own. I started off by shampooing with Neutrogena anti residue shampoo 2 times with no conditioner. Dried my hair very carefully, then used a color brush and bowl to apply the Keratin section by section. You do not need much product at all, I combed each section with a fine comb to remove excess product. I must say the only downside was the harsh fumes, my eyes and nose burned severely. I did the treatment in a bathroom with an open window and fan blowing, however the end results were worth the burning. You will want to make sure your hair is blown 100% dry after the keratin is applied. I used a Bespoke labs professional flat iron to finish out the hair mine only went up to 410 degrees rather than the 450 degrees some recommend. I didn't wash my hair for 3 full days after the treatment, also no pony tail holders etc. The 3 days were torture, my hair felt sticky and gross (to be expected though)I washed with sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, in the shower my hair felt very sleek and smooth when washing. Normally I have the type of hair you have to add a detangler to before you can even run your fingers through it. However this time I added nothing, my hair was knot free and sleek straight out of the shower. My hair generally takes about 40 minutes to blow dry this time only about 20. My hair dried as if I had just been straight from the salon, sleek, no breakage from the blow dryer, totally straight, and super soft. It used to take me at least 30 minutes just to flat iron my hair, now I didn't even need to use it. My hair looks amazing; it is straighter and sleeker than when I would do a full flat iron job. I will buy this product again and again! It is more than worth the money.

  4. Dwight Rodriguez14 Desember 2011 10.32

    I was very pleased with this purchase. There are a lot of fakes of this product running around so you do have to be careful who you buy from. Before I made the purchase, I wrote and asked how I would know it was authentic. They wrote back with a link which shows that they are an authorised distributor and when I received the product, they had enclosed a letter assuring the authenticity.

    Anyway, that done. The product itself is fab and smells great! Well worth it and it will last you for ages as you only need to use it every once in a while. For me, I'd say every 6 to 8 weeks or so. I can now blow dry my hair without having to straighten it with straightening irons, so my hair is being kept more healthy.

    One tip - don't use too much or you will find it almost impossible to blow dry and seal in. Otherwise, fab product, would definitely recommend! Remember to use shampoo that is sulfate and sodium free or you will just end up stripping the product from your hair too soon.

  5. I have extremely thick, frizzy, curly hair. Every time I would visit a salon I would be told that my hair is some of the thickest that they've ever worked with.

    I had the Brazilian Blowout done at a salon in Los Angeles last year for $250, plus the tip. I loved the results, but not the price tag. I had not even heard about keratin hair treatments until a coworker had one done with great results.

    She mentioned that if she could buy the keratin treatment she could probably do it herself for a lot less because the actual procedure is straight forward. I did some research on Amazon, trolling through countless customer reviews because I did not want to throw away close to $200 on something that wouldn't deliver the results I wanted.

    I decided on this one and I am glad I did. Each application uses between one and two ounces and this bottle contains 33.8 fluid ounces which means you're getting anywhere between 16 to 32 applications per bottle. You're getting 16 to 32 applications per bottle. The statement needed repeating because you're saving between $4000 and $8000 worth of salon services.

    Anyway, this is my interpretation of the instructions on the bottle:
    1) I washed and rinsed my hair twice with Neutrogena Shampoo, Anti-ResiDue Formula, 6 Fluid Ounce (175 ml).
    2) I towel dried my hair.
    3) While wearing non-latex gloves I started to apply the product to my hair using a hair color brush. I grew impatient and kind of deviated from this and instead used my hands to apply the product, taking extra care not to over saturate my hair.
    4) I brushed my hair to remove any excess product.
    5) I blow dried my hair using a round, soft bristle brush.
    6) I used my Farouk CHI 1 Inch Ceramic Flat Hairstyling Iron to straighten my hair.

    I did not wash my hair for three days to allow the product to fully work its wonders on my hair. I use L'Oreal Paris EverPure Smooth Shampoo, 8.5-Fluid Ounce and L'Oreal Paris EverSleek Intense Smoothing Conditioner, 8.5-Fluid Ounce to prevent the keratin from washing out. Avoid sulfate products because they will wash out the keratin. You should also avoid ocean water and swimming pools without a swimming cap because the salt water and chlorine from the pool will also decrease the longevity of the treatment.

    It has been about four weeks since I used the treatment and my hair is still pretty much frizz free. Although my hair is still curly, the curls are much more manageable and straightening is much easier. Before I had to use a plethora of products which would leave my hair weighed down and heavy. Now, I don't have to use anything but a simple spray to protect against thermal damage. I can let my hair air dry and then straightener once it's dry, skipping the blow drying step altogether.

    Highly recommended for anyone who wants salon results without the salon price tag.

  6. Like many of you, I was using the original QOD formula (QOD Gold) for 2 years before I found out it was no longer available. I was devastated. Trusting the QOD name, I purchased the QOD Max OrganiQ solution and was highly highly disappointed. After a few emails back and forth with the owner of Keratin4U (wonderful lady!) she educated me and informed me that QOD was re branding the QOD Max into a new formula called "Kerapremium". I was skeptical, but desperate, because if you're like me.. this QOD stuff has CHANGED MY LIFE! I took a chance, forked out more money and ordered the new "Kerapremium" formula. It has the smell of cocoa and a light pink color, but the consistency of the original QOD Gold that I was accustomed to. I usually only do my roots every 2 months, but I decided to do my whole head to see how this stuff worked. After the 3 hour process, and 3 days of no washing, I finally washed my hair and.......

    Drumroll please..... the results were amazing! Just like the ORIGINAL QOD Gold, if not, BETTER! I'm definitely glad I took a chance with this stuff. I really hope this product stays on the market forever!!

  7. I first bought this product just to try it out since it was so expensive to get a keratin treatment in a salon. I have used this product for more then a year and a half now. I have my cousin do my treatment every 4 months and my hair looks GREAT. It really eliminates the frizz especially on humid and rainy days. Make sure to use the proper shampoo and coniditioner because it actually makes it last for about 4 months. Make sure not to saturate the hair all you need is a little bit. I have done it about 4 or 5 times already and it's only half way done. I would definitely recommend this and well worth it.

  8. Pauline Espinoza26 November 2013 03.32

    This product delivers to the fullest, you get straight hair, hair that does not frizz and shiny hair. This is truly a Keratin Treatment.

    I've tried the Brazilian Blowout, Coppola and Rejuvinate. The Brazilian Blowout formula is awesome, the first time I tried this process my hair has never been so straight, shiny, bouncy hair and full of body, and of course no frizz. The Kerapremium is on the same line as the Brazilian Blowout products, I have never had this kind of results from the Coppola or Rejuvinate products, which are very expensive for the amount you get.

    Kerapremium of course has the smell, fumes, yadda yadda yadda, but I did this process on my hair, the steps consists of: I claified my hair, I blow dried my hair then applied the Kerapremium, BY THE WAY, it is almost impossible not to over apply the product, but try, then I blow dried my hair again, ironed my hair, I used a ceramic iron as recommened, but did not like the results, I then used my Salon Tech Titanium 450 iron and then got the results I wanted, super stick straight hair, shiny, etc. You will find that this product does leave your hair sticky as you know you have to wait at least 48-72 hrs. to wash the product out of your hair.

    You DO NOT HAVE to spend $300 dollars or more in a Beauty Salon to get this process done, please do not waste your money going to a Salon, this is an easy product to apply, you do not have to be afraid to do this yourself, the Keratin Treatment is a conditioning process for your hair. YOU CAN DO THIS PROCESS YOURSELF. Do not believe the Salons when they tell you that you will not get the same results at home if you try this yourself. Bull crap, they just want you to keep coming back and paying that ridiculous amount of money for something you know you can do at home YOURSELF, if you can wash, dry and style your own hair you can definately do this yourself.

    By the way, just a tip, you will find that the Keratin Treatment will last about 3 to 5 months, about the 3rd month, I will cleanse my hair with the clairifying cleanser and I find that this will boost the treatment. I find that by doing this it gets rid of the debris left over time which will leave your hair dull and not react to styling well. If you try this, you will see what I mean. The clarifying process does not strip the Keratin from your hair.

    Buy Kerapremium this is a great product. I am truly happy with this product. I decided to write a review on this because I do belive in this product highly, believe me, I have done my research, spent money and tried multiple products. It is a big bottle, you will be surprise on the amount that you get. I only used about a half a cups worth, I do have long hair, I have many more treatments left in this bottle. GOOD LUCK.