Kamis, 03 November 2011

Best shoe for the money

buy canon powershot Vasque Mens Mantra 2 0 Hiking

Vasque Mens Mantra 2 0 Hiking

For the longest time I've been searching for something to replace my Sunsilk leave in shine conditioner. It used to be called thermasilk but they changed to sunsilk. They stopped selling it in 2008 and I have been scouring the internet for expired bottles (gross, i know but i was desperate) since then. This does the same thing but better, I couldnt believe it! It totally detangles my hair! I have long wavy (mostly from damage), dry, thick, tangly hair. It's always been that way since i was a kid. My mom used to try to comb out my hair and i would always fight her and cry. Even as an adult i would wake up to new tangles in my hair or if i wore my hair down by the end of the day tangles woud just develop and i would have to pull our chunks of my hair trying to comb them out. This is great. It makes your hair tangles free for days (I wash my hair twice a week). I typically comb my hair just once in the morning and once at night before bed and i never have tangles anymore. This just keeps detangling. And it is also moisturizing but doesnt weigh my hair down. For my wavy hair it keeps my waves together and not like a poofy, frizzy lion's mane. It makes it look like beachy waves. For once I look at my hair and think i'm lucky and instead of thinking it's a curse!

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  1. These shoes fit me like a glove and support my feet better than any competitor. The best of all is they do not fall apart after time, you will get tired of them before they wear out.

  2. These waterproof shoes got me through the Boston winter and are still going strong. I like them so much that I just ordered a second pair to bank toward the future.

  3. I still have not taken them on the trail but decided to wear them to break them while doing errands over the weekend and they are awesome. Fit like cutom made shoes extremely comfortable.Dont envision any concerns as they fit and feel like if not better than my winter Vasque trail boots. Will revisit my review and update once I take them on the trail.