Selasa, 22 November 2011

Excellent entry Hi-Fi headphones!

buy camera Superlux 681 Dynamic Semi Open Headphones

Superlux 681 Dynamic Semi Open Headphones

I love these headphones! I'm surprised with me wearing glasses they stay comfortable while I wear them, barely being on the snug side with my large head. Besides that, yes, they have great audio quality. I was afraid when they said Semi-Open that it wouldn't be a comfortable or effective fit over my ears, but like I said earlier, they fit well over my ears and where my glasses line.
One of the first things I checked was the strength of the cable, as I bought this along with a Zalman Clip-on microphone. It's quite thick, and I noticed it comes with the adapter piece already on it, so you could plug it into an amp or other device. (The clip-on still fits, despite it being a thick and durable cable)

So far, 5 star product! I love this thing, having a comfortable set of headphones makes all the difference.

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  1. My bday is here and I want a pair of headphones for listening to music. I don't want beats or dres because they cost too much. 125$ is the highest money I'm going to pay for em