Senin, 14 November 2011

This Clawdeen is Scary beautiful.

watches woman Monster High Scary Tale Clawdeen

Monster High Scary Tale Clawdeen

First of all, no offense Amazon, but I purchased this doll at Target for 22.00, NOT including tax. She is such a beutifull doll, I absoloutly L-O-V-E her red velvety cape. The hood comes with holes in them for her ears to stick out which I think is adorable. Her ears are peirced, and her brown hair has got bright red streaks in it, which is cool. Her outfit is a red dress, with purple straps holding it up. A golden bone is layed across her chest, and held in place by purple ribbon. Her shoes are just goregeous, they are like purple booties, with the plastic folding over to look realistic, and it also has a gold buckle, cute!! She comes with a black basket, which really opens! All though I think she should have come with some cupcakes to put in her basket, she is over all one of the prettiest dolls I've seen.

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  1. Clifford French25 November 2012 09.32

    I Would Like To Have The FULL Collection Of MH Clawdeen Wolf Dolls. But I'm Not Sure If I Know Every Doll & Theme. So, If Someone Can, Can You Give Me The FULL List Of Clawdeen Wolf Dolls & Playsets & Accessories/Fashion Packs? I'd Appreciate It. Thanks :)