Selasa, 08 November 2011

So cute!

wotches man Rabbit 3 5mm Earphone iPhone Touch

Rabbit 3 5mm Earphone iPhone Touch

This review is for all three dresses that I purchased from this seller. They are fabulous dresses. Now, I was worried because, my breasts are rather large, about a C to D cup, and I have a high waist. I wear, in jeans, anything from an 8 to a 12, depending. Actually, a ten is the most cozy. Now, my mother is a critic in terms of clothing as she owned a dress shop from the 1960 era through most of the 80 time period. I did not think she'd dig these at all and, I was WRONG. She loved all of them and the way that they looked on me. In fact, I am now wearing the brown one to a rehearsal dinner for my stepson. Originally, I had another dress picked out and she said the brown would be best, not only because of the cut but, because of the wedding colors, which are brown and burnt orange, both in said dress. I say give the dress a try. If it flatters my figure, I bet it will yours because I am so hard to fit, due to the waist practically hitting my breast region, lol. I always think I look big because I used to be. I lost 50 pounds, which led me to wear the above-mentioned sizes. She assured me that it was wonderful looking and I'm sure it would look great on most anyone. Thumbs up. Plus they come with straps for hanging on the hanger. Unfortunately, on the green dress, the one strap did break. I'm not appalled or anything as it would take a quick stitch to fix it. This was only the strap for hanging and not the one that can go around the neck. Hope this review helps others.

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3 komentar:

  1. This little fur ball is larger than it looks on some picks! Think golf ball size.
    Looks so cuddly dangling off the phone. Yes, it is real fur!
    Chain is golden colored.
    Four stars only because the plug itself will loosen over time. It is a black plastic (universal) plug. That means do not try to carry your phone by the fur ball, or try to pull it out of your bag by it. It will come off that way.
    I use it with the iPhone 5 white.
    My kids all want a poofy ball! :)
    (I bought white and grey)

  2. Looks fantastic dangling off my iPhone! The only problem is keeping it away from my cats, who seem to love it more than me :)