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Nail Polish review Ryans Room Relaxing Style Living

Ryans Room Relaxing Style Living

We started potty training last week and I ordered a total of 6 of these training pants because I wanted the ability to have the child feel wet and also the ability to somewhat keep the furniture dry. So far, training is going well. I do recommend getting the largest size for your child because with two snaps they can always be adjusted smaller so the child can grow into them. I ordered 1 size 2 toddler and 5 size 3 toddler for a 25 month old who weighs 31 pounds. The size 2 fits on the largest snap which means she won't be in this pair for very long and the size 3 gives some room to grow.

They will only absorb one accident safely but if your potty training then you don't want it to do more! That would defeat the whole purpose of learning to stay clean and dry. If you know you will need some extra protection because you won't be near a potty for a longer period of time I have found that overnight full sized maxi pads easily slip into the pocket. I just leave the adhesive strip covering on them so its easier to remove later. I know there are inserts designed for these pants but pads work just fine and are less expensive.

The only downfall is the drying time for these. I was trying not to put them in the dryer but the weather didn't allow for me to sun dry them so I resorted to the dryer and they held up just fine on low heat. They do take a very long time to air dry and because there will be accidents in the beginning I suggest getting at least 6 because you always want to have fresh pairs ready.

The brown and the gold pairs have a more girl friendly pattern on the inside but to me they all worked wonderful. I can't stress enough how much better these are than using disposable pull-ups! I use pull-ups at night just because I had already bought them but for daily use these are the best because pull-ups still don't allow the child to feel wet and is nothing more than a diaper that slips on rather than having tabs. My biggest problem in having accidents is not that the baby don't run to the potty but that she hasn't yet grasped the concept of pulling the pants off before she sits on the potty! This is why I recommend several pairs to have on hand.

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