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kitchen sinks undermount review Kissas Waterproof Pocket Training Pants

Kissas Waterproof Pocket Training Pants

We started potty training last week and I ordered a total of 6 of these training pants because I wanted the ability to have the child feel wet and also the ability to somewhat keep the furniture dry. So far, training is going well. I do recommend getting the largest size for your child because with two snaps they can always be adjusted smaller so the child can grow into them. I ordered 1 size 2 toddler and 5 size 3 toddler for a 25 month old who weighs 31 pounds. The size 2 fits on the largest snap which means she won't be in this pair for very long and the size 3 gives some room to grow.

They will only absorb one accident safely but if your potty training then you don't want it to do more! That would defeat the whole purpose of learning to stay clean and dry. If you know you will need some extra protection because you won't be near a potty for a longer period of time I have found that overnight full sized maxi pads easily slip into the pocket. I just leave the adhesive strip covering on them so its easier to remove later. I know there are inserts designed for these pants but pads work just fine and are less expensive.

The only downfall is the drying time for these. I was trying not to put them in the dryer but the weather didn't allow for me to sun dry them so I resorted to the dryer and they held up just fine on low heat. They do take a very long time to air dry and because there will be accidents in the beginning I suggest getting at least 6 because you always want to have fresh pairs ready.

The brown and the gold pairs have a more girl friendly pattern on the inside but to me they all worked wonderful. I can't stress enough how much better these are than using disposable pull-ups! I use pull-ups at night just because I had already bought them but for daily use these are the best because pull-ups still don't allow the child to feel wet and is nothing more than a diaper that slips on rather than having tabs. My biggest problem in having accidents is not that the baby don't run to the potty but that she hasn't yet grasped the concept of pulling the pants off before she sits on the potty! This is why I recommend several pairs to have on hand.

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  1. These are exactly what I've been looking for - training pants that I can pass off as underwear, but that don't leak. They are basically a cloth diaper that can be pulled on and off like underpants. I bought my 2 1/2 year old son the 3T's in a few different colors, and they all have adorable decorations on a soft flannel cloth inside. They fit him well with the snaps on the looser setting. He's 38 inches and just shy of 34 lbs. I will say that the 3T wouldn't fit if he were much larger. I bought inserts for these for when we go out, but I've tried using them without the inserts at home, and they have performed well so far for both urine and BM's. My son has a medical condition that causes him to have a lot of diarrhea, and so far these have held up wonderfully while still allowing him to practice potty training. They are also easy to unsnap for clean-ups and easy to wash. I haven't given them any special treatment. I just wash them with an extra rinse with our usual detergent - All Free and Clear - and dry them in the drier on medium heat. They come out clean and smelling fresh.

  2. I received a 2T chocolate pocket trainer to review for my blog. The dino print is adorable, especially with the chocolate outer. The 2T size was a little big large at the legs on my very petite 23 pound 2-year old, but it otherwise fits well.

    The flannel inner means little ones will feel wet, and the sewn in microfiber soaker will catch an accident. The pocket means you can stuff for additional absorbency (the pocket isn't very wide however) for little ones who are just starting to use the potty and just need to be able to pull the diaper up and down to "try."

    You can even use these as a diaper for larger children, since they come in a 3T size as well and can be stuffed for absorbency. The snaps mean they are easy to take off int he event of a messy accident! The intro price of $12.95 is a steal!

  3. Gerald Clements17 November 2012 06.32

    I never need to buy pull ups again. These are nice little trainers. I bought hemp inserts in case I needed them but, just the trainer has been enough.

  4. This diaper could not have come to our house at a better time! We have just begun potty training with my 2 year old daughter over the past 2 weeks. I had been taking the liners out of our current cloth diapers so that she could feel the wetness when she had an "accident." This was somewhat effective. However, the problem was that many of our current cloth diapers have velcro closures. My daughter now knows how to very easily undo and take off these types of diapers. And with potty training you don't want too much time to pass between a little girl telling you she has to "go" and actually getting her onto the potty. So, the best course of action for us has been to put her in a diaper and let her run around like that. And because she knows how to easily undo the velcro tabs, she did so, constantly! Thus, resulting in no diaper and many messes.
    Kissa's New Pocket Training Diapers have snap closures. This ensures that they "stay put," but the snaps were very easy for me to undo in time for her to make it to the potty and for cleaning up messes. And with 2 sets of snaps they are adjustable so they fit chubby or lean kiddos. These trainers are also designed so that they can be easily pulled up or down by little ones. It was a little difficult to get Hannah to do this the first few times, but she did eventually catch on. And once she did she began calling the trainer "big girl panties" instead of a diaper. Which only made it easier to get her to wear it and think about it in a positive light in regards to using the potty. And of course, the ADORABLE design only made her and I want to sport it even more! (Ours had a cutesie bicycle pattern on the inside of it.)
    Made like an AIO (all in one) diaper there is no liner to mess with. But, you can always add extra absorbency if you need it because there is an open pocket in this one (which we did for overnight and had no leaks!).

  5. I read so many reviews of training pants before I bought them and it seems like the makers of them can't win for losing. If they are too absorbent they get tons of complains of "Too much like a diaper" or "takes too long to dry" and not absorbent enough and everyone starts whining about "Too many leaks!" I think Kissa has done an excellent job addressing all 3 of those issues!! During the day, these make great training pants. They will keep the child dry enough to avoid a messy clean-up but no so dry they will be content to run around in their own urine. My son tells me the second he has and accident so I can either run him to the potty or change him right away. Sometimes I have to change his pants and sometimes I don't but I think keeping him guessing is a GOOD thing if I want to motivate him to use the potty without making it too much work and frustration for myself.

    At night, I just stuff an extra insert in the pocket and it magically transforms into a diaper. That's great! And because of the pocket, air gets to both sides in the dryer so they don't take forever to dry like my other AIO trainers.

    As far as price, in a perfect world you should be able to get some good trainers for $6 each but in the real world, these are the BEST you can get for $12.95. I haven't seen anything else comparable for less that $18! If I can keep them nice, I bet someone will buy them for $6 each when he's done with them!

  6. We're beginning to potty train our 2 year old. These are fantastic! I love that you can add inserts for over night, or to just use it as a pocket diaper if you're not ready to potty train yet, but it's on the horizon. I LOVE the adorable prints on the inside! My son requests the "dine-saurs" diaper all the time! Such a good idea! You can tell your little one not to poo poo on the dinosaurs ;). Love this trainer!

  7. Glenda Cardenas21 Desember 2013 02.32

    the fleece inside material is really bad for poop. It sticks to it like glue and is difficult to get the stink out since the insert is attached. Also, because the microfiber insert is attached I find myself tossing these in the dryer, they would take FOREVER to line dry, as opposed to real pocket diapers like fuzzibunz. However, for the purposes for which these were made I have to say they are excellent. They work wonderfully well for pee. We have these on my 3 year old for naps and night-time and he really goes a lot at night. They have leaked maybe once in 6 months. I do use 1 insert overnight. I think they do run a tiny bit small but not by much. My 3 year old is in 3T shorts and pants bc he has a skinny bottom, these 3T's are a little tight on him, however, I think they will get us through another year, which is probably all we need.

    9-2012 update -
    these did not get us through another year, but I don't think it is the fault of the trainers. My 3 1/2 year old all of a sudden started putting out much much more urine at night, almost double what he was putting out before. I am not sure if that is normal or not but now I would consider him a 'heavy wetter' and the kissa's + prefold just don't cut it. They started leaking frequently and I had to look for another option. I would say though, if your child isn't a 'heavy wetter' they should work just fine. Also, I"m pleasantly surprised at how well they've held up. There is significant wear and fading of the pattern, but the interior PUL and elastic is just fine, and I am a fan of soaking as well as drying on medium. :)