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vacuum cleaner review Brooks Womens Epiphany Stretch Powder

Brooks Womens Epiphany Stretch Powder

I love these headphones! I'm surprised with me wearing glasses they stay comfortable while I wear them, barely being on the snug side with my large head. Besides that, yes, they have great audio quality. I was afraid when they said Semi-Open that it wouldn't be a comfortable or effective fit over my ears, but like I said earlier, they fit well over my ears and where my glasses line.
One of the first things I checked was the strength of the cable, as I bought this along with a Zalman Clip-on microphone. It's quite thick, and I noticed it comes with the adapter piece already on it, so you could plug it into an amp or other device. (The clip-on still fits, despite it being a thick and durable cable)

So far, 5 star product! I love this thing, having a comfortable set of headphones makes all the difference.

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  1. Milton Christian19 Desember 2010 09.32

    I think I own every pair of these. I love the side slits they make it very nice to run in and comfortable.

  2. These are my favorite running shorts. Love the fit and feel of them. I purchased them about six months ago and am back to find another pair.

  3. I just ran a half marathon in these shorts! They worked out great, I just wish they had (like ALL running shorts ever) bigger pockets for "Gu"! I'm 5'7 and 115 lbs, 36" hips and 24" waist. The XS fit PERFECTLY. They're very comfy and never once bothered me.

  4. These shorts were bought to play soccer in, however they are definitely in the running short length. The liner is soft, its not that weird mesh stuff I've seen in other running shorts. The waist band has a tie that sits up against the skin, so if your doing long distances it probably wouldn't work out too well. (You could always just take it out.) The elastic is strong enough to keep them up alone. They tend to swing out from the leg at the bottom on the sides, not so much that I feel weird, but enough to know I have room to stretch out my legs if I need to sprint.
    I would definitely buy them again.

  5. I got these for the summer in Florida since the longer compression shorts I had were just too hot. These are SUPER comfy and lightweight. The liner is soft and doesn't chafe and the shorts are great. I pulled the drawstring on the waist out to eliminate the possibility of rubbing since the elastic is plenty to hold the shorts up. I bought a second pair of these and now won't run outside in anything else. I don't have the flare problem some of the other reviews have. The slit just allows for a greater range of leg movement when doing speedwork or stretching.
    Definitely my new favorite shorts. :)

  6. Victor Lawrence28 Desember 2013 08.32

    These shorts are awesome! I own 3 pairs. They are extremely light and do not hold moisture. The cut is really nice. They are short but not poofy. The front lays flat and is complementary.