Jumat, 11 November 2011

Tijan Always Amazes Me.

car stereo review JADED Jaded Series ebook

JADED Jaded Series ebook

Tijan has written another great book. I have read several of her books and I'm looking forward to read more. Her characters all seem to be broken and cutoff from their emotions. Strong and supportive parents do not play a part in her books, well maybe a little on the side characters but the main character's parents seem to always be all about themselves and not care about their children. They leave their children to take care of themselves when they're only like 18 years old. This story is about 3 best friends - Sheldon, Corrigan, and Bryce. They are the top dogs, the school royalty. Sheldon and Bryce have sex but they mostly don't share their emotions. Corrigan is like a trouble magnet and he has a short fuse. He has gone to jail several times for different things. Bryce is the "star" soccer player and he's heading to the professionals. Sheldon is considered the Queen of the school. All girls want to be with Bryce or Corrigan, while most of the girls are either scared or hate Sheldon. Most guys want to have her. When the story starts, her parents have been gone for 5 months and she hasn't heard from them in 3 months. Anytime anything emotional happens or someone tries to bring up emotions, she bails. These 3 are cut throat and can be cruel at times. Sheldon especially but the others too cannot stand fake people or people that change to be accepted. She refuses to be like that and she thinks that people like that are weak. These 3 are very loyal and they stand by one another. A killer is on Sheldon's trail and the others are trying to save her. There is a psycho killing people that Sheldon considers "friends" with and this one is leaving notes for Sheldon. I cannot wait to read Still Jaded (Jaded #2) to follow up with these characters.

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  1. I am compiling a summer reading list and was wondering what Star Wars book I should start with? I have never read any of them, I know, I know shame! Anybody know where I can find a list of all the books in order? Thanks in advance for your help!

  2. in the twilight series, eclipse, there is a girl named bree mentioned. what are the lines in the book between bree and jade (form the volturi) if you dont want to type it, can you tell me what pages ? thank you in advance.